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blessed? - Sophia

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March 5th, 2009

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02:41 pm - blessed?
am i blessed or am i blessed? anyone who knows me, or anything about me knows how much i fucking love oakland. i am a "till the death" oakland kinda girl. if i ever bought a house, it would be in my lovely and tortured city-oakland.

but sometimes, change is good.

as most people know, my company is closing its california operations. as of may 2nd, i will be unemployed, as many americans already are. i am not too stressed about it. i will get unemployment, my rent is low, my gf helps me, etc.

low rent--this is why i live where i live. low rent. i lived in the dimond district and paid over $300 more rent than i do now. and there is a cost of low rent. and the cost is sadness. a constant view of struggling people trying so hard, and then people who have given up entirely. the cost is seeing will come into my backyard every morning, and pulling his product, aka CRACK, out of my gutter, to get ready for the days business. the cost, is milton, who suffered a large stroke, nodding out from his drug of choice, in my backyard, and almost falling off his scooter. but i love my neighborhood. i love, love, love my people and i would do it all over again: move to ghost town.

out financial officer pulled me into his office. his girlfriend is the cat lady. they both know i know, but neither has ever confirmed it. the cat lady is always looking out for me, and she hates my living situation, the neighborhood and shit i have had to deal with.

so he calls me in. he is moving to millford. he owns a condo in alameda. a 1 bedroom sweet condo with a balcony, on the 3rd floor, overlooking the bay. it has a friggen dishwasher. its not fancy but its nice. from the cat lady, he knows how little rent i pay. he has offered me his condo. to live in. my cat, my goldfish, and my girlfriend. there is a POOL. a SAUNA.

he has committed to living in milford for 1 year. should he come back, after that year, he will give me 60 days notice, and of course, if that doesn't work for me, we will negotiate. he wants to write up a contract. and more than anything, he wants me to be his tenant. no deposit. blah, blah, blah.

its not sealed, but its a good possibility. but i am struggling with leaving oakland, though its right across the bridge and i know i would always be in oakland. alameda is very....white. but i have to weigh my options. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

did you know alameda used to be the coney island of the west coast a looooong time ago?

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Date:March 5th, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)
i actually like alameda. its not far ... not far at all
Date:March 6th, 2009 01:49 am (UTC)
you are so blessed.
Date:March 6th, 2009 05:35 pm (UTC)
do it

you could use a change of scenery

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